Welcome to Flirtology

Flirtology is a science-based method of teaching flirting and interaction. Using scientific research, and proven techniques, I help women and men become more socially confident. Do you want to become a Fearless Flirter? Welcome to Flirtology!

As a Flirt Interpreter, I can give anyone the confidence – and skills – to attract and approach people.

These skills can be used, equally, to wow the crowd at a party, to wow-ing the person of your dreams…

Do you think you were absent the day these skills were being handed out?

Don’t worry, your chances are not lost: flirting is a learnable skill, that can be taught. My mission is for you to experience just how easy, fun, and fruitful it can be.

"Your courses are great. No, they are awesome! One of them actually addressed the biggest problem I have about how to function in group conversations. I've been using all the content in practice and it just works. And I've tried everything, including PUA stuff. Your method is simpler, gentler, more elegant - and way way more effective".


"I attended your last seminar and your flirting tour and I loved them. Anyway, I put all your best tips into action a few months ago and walked up to this hot stranger in a bar and introduced myself. That hot stranger is now officially my husband. I just wanted to say, in the nicest possible way, I don't think I'll be attending more of your sessions. But purely because you gave me some excellent advice and practical tips to finding the right person for me."

- Maureeen


‘How does one become a Flirtologist?’

As a social and cultural anthropologist, I have always been curious about human behaviour. I found my niche, teaching people how to connect, when I moved to London in 1999. I discovered the reserved Brits could use a little help in the ‘interacting with strangers’ department. Since then, I have learnt that this is a world-wide conundrum. We are all looking for connection, but don’t know how to get it. Because I view everything from a social scientific approach, I conducted some extensive research into the flirting and dating habits of 250 people in London, New York, Paris and Stockholm, which I then turned into a book, The Flirt Interpreter. I discovered that flirting behaviour does cross Western cultures and that there are six standard flirting signs, an acronym that I teach as H.O.T. A.P.E.